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Group Home

The present Group Homes are for adolescent males in the foster care system, between the ages of 14 and 18. The Agency operates on the principal that prevention is far more humane and cost effective than incarceration or rehabilitation. The Program is designed to assist youth in developing an “I want to succeed” attitude; demonstrate academic progress, improve self-esteem, accomplish treatment goals, promote personal development and become self-sufficient members of the communities in which they should choose to live or be returned to. Services provided to accomplish these goals include but are not limited to:

  • 24 Hour awake staff
  • Same Floor Supervision
  • Pychological Assessment Evaluation
  • Anger Management
  • Violence Prevention
  • Individual/Family/Group Therapy
  • Closely monitored school progress to diminish truancy and prevent drop-out
  • Emancipation Training and Quarterly Assessment Review Planning

THPP Program

Our Transitional Housing Placement Program provides older teenagers (16 -18) in the Foster Care System a “hands on” opportunity to develop specific skills and prepare them for the real-life challenges of living on their own. The Programs focus is on the obtaining and emancipation plan for each participant that will allow them to emancipate from being wards of the court to successful, self-sustaining, independent young adults. The Program excepts referrals from both the Department of Social Human Juvenile services and probation Departments. To maintain the specialized treatment plans THPP utilizes two Social Workers and two Case Managers for the participant’s. MAC’s clinical team is utilized in establishing and modifying the Participant’s treatment plan. The benefits are two-fold: the success will benefit not only the youth, but also the communities in which they choose to live. It is the goal of the Program that youth will be able to secure jobs when they reach majority age (18) as opposed to becoming reliant victims of general assistance.

MAC’s provides males and (THPP) girls from diverse backgrounds with:

A safe, disciplined and nurturing home

  • On-site psychological services
  • Behavior modification programs to increase motivation, self-esteem and      self-discipline
  • Physical health and well-being programs
  • Academic assistance
  • Advocacy within the education and home settings
  • Preparation for emancipation plan
  • Exposure to a broader community through field trips
  • A positive living community with high expectations
  • Support of educated, highly principled and loving parental and family role

Aftercare Program

More Information will be available when the program begins. MAC’s is currently accepting request for it’s waiting list. Open slots will be filled immediately!

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